Waterbed Conditioner by Blue Magic

Eight Ounce Large Bottles

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4 oz Bottles
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8 oz. Waterbed Conditioner Features:
Works on ALL Types of Waterbed Mattresses
Each bottle good for 12 months
Controls the growth of odor-causing, slime-forming bacteria.
Prevents bubbles
Extends mattress life.
Preserves plasticizers, sequesters minerals.
Conditions vinyl interiors
Inner-foil safety seal, child-resistant caps.

Other Features:

Waterbed Conditioner by Blue Magic keeps your waterbed mattress smelling clean and helps prevent gas. Each bottle of Waterbed Conditioner treats for 12 months.

Directions: Add entire contents of the waterbed conditioner into the mattress. Repeat application every 12 months depending on water conditions. Biodegradable. For well water use double the amount.
Without treatment the water inside the mattress will turn foul and smell. Without conditioner the water will leach out important additives from the fiber and the mattress vinyl accelerating the aging process resulting in drying and cracking of the vinyl from inside.